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What are Boom Barriers?

Boom Barriers is the type of gate that restricts the access of the vehicular movement. There are two types of boom barriers, automatic and manual. The manual boom barriers are operated by a person manually every time when there is a need for the operation. Whereas, Automatic Boom Barriers can be operated electronically by various ways like vehicle detection, remote control, push button or sensor.

Are you Aware of Automatic Boom Barriers?

You would have seen automatic boom barriers at malls, five and seven star hotels, or toll plaza. Have you ever thought why this barrier is used? What is the purpose of using this barrier at particular location? What is the benefit of using it? Don’t worry; we do have answers for all of your queries.

The Automatic Boom Barriers are used at the entry and exit of the building to ensure security. It is used to eliminate the unauthorized entry of vehicle into the premise or building. Also, the security guard could double check the vehicle before it exits the building. Furthermore, in fully loaded model, the barrier automatically opens up for the authorized vehicle to enter. In precise, the automatic boom barriers works as the 24/7 security guard at the check point.

Different types of Automatic Boom Barrier:-

Basic Model
Intermediate Model
Advanced Model
Fully Loaded or High end Model.

The Mechanism of Automatic Boom Barrier:-

The Operator woks under Electro-Mechanical technology because of its reliability; these barriers can work for long hours without generating heat and thus leads to intensive usage. It also has highly precision 2 pairs of limit switches. The balancing springs serves as the counterweight for the boom arm. The barrier could be operated by below mentioned ways based on the type of model.

  • Push Button
  • Remote Control
  • RFID Tags / RFID Reader
  • Loop Detectors
  • Any third party access control device

Key Features:-

  • Wide range of models available to suit for various application
  • Highly compact in size
  • Extremely silent operation
  • Sturdy steel structure with scratch-proof coating resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Extremely reliable and maintenance free.
  • Manual release in case of power failure



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