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Performance and technical content

  • Opening and closing speed up to 250 mm/sec

  • Soft start and slow stop functions are enabled

  • Suitable for gates weighing upto 2000 kg

  • Low consumption and energy saving mode

  • Remote operating distance upto 30 meters

  • Possiblity to control the gate using mobile phones

Safeguard against accidents

The gate operator can be equipped with photocells for maximum safety during closing operation. In case of contact, the automation reverses the movement averting damage to persons and property.

Moreover, the moving parts are enclosed in a robust case and limit switches are available at both ends of the gate to prevent the gate from sliding out of the rails.

Protection against the elements

Thanks to the choice of materials, positioning of the internal components and wiring layout, humidity, bad weather and insects and pests are no longer a problem.

Almatrix PY models are compatible with a full range of protection devices such as photocells, sensors, controls and safety edges.

The device is installed with a thermal protector; it ensures that the motor is switched off automatically when the temperature is higher than 120°C and begins working condition when the temperature is lower than 85°C±5 °C.

Innovative and fresh look

The contemporary design and clean aesthetics perfectly match all house styles. The integrated control panel and possibility to mount photocells inside the cover grant a neat installation.

Control and security in your hands

The installation of Almatrix PY can be greatly customised thanks to wide selection of accessories. With comfortably seated in your car, simply press a button on your remote control and Almatrix PY will spring into action. It is silent in operation but powerful in performance.

Product range

  • Almatrix PY 600 Gate weight upto 600 Kgs

  • Almatrix PY 800 Gate weight upto 800 Kgs

  • Almatrix PY 1400 Gate weight upto 1400 Kgs

  • Almatrix PY 2000 Gate weight upto 2000 Kgs

  • Optimised layout of the internal components

  • Installation cables conveniently separated from “in-factory” cabling

  • Special transmitter for easier configuration of the operator

  • Practical and convenient release handle, without sharp edges

  • Enclosed steel plate for convenient and rapid installation [stronger plate available in option]

  • Internal photocells for greater safety and practicality

  • Thanks to the choice of materials, positioning of the internal components and wiring layout, humidity, bad weather, insects and pests are no longer a problem

  • During power failure the release key can be used to unlock the gate

  • The operator is controlled by the individual push button for open, close, stop function

  • Almatrix PY is also controlled by wireless push button or by remote controller