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Soft edges, smooth corners, perfect finish, heavy duty and suitable for all kinds of installation environment

Almatrix ET model is the ideal solution for a totally safe access control of medium to high transit environments such as malls, apartments, banks, logistics, companies and factories, which always require access control of car parking areas, to ensure their use to authorised people only.

  • The Almatrix ET barriers are anti-corrosive and are available in yellow or red in colour.

  • The quick release lever system can be promptly accessed from the inspection side; fitted inside the housing, the system can safely handle all emergencies in case of power failure.

  • The octagonal aluminium boom arm has been designed to adjustable length upto 6meter, thanks to a telescopic system of the arm.

  • The reflectors are available in red in colour at a equal distance on the arm to ensure more visibility in the more demanding applications.

  • The balancing system uses a double compression springs. These springs are well adjusted to balance with the boom. The springs needs to be adjusted if the length of the boom is reduced.

  • The system can be installed either on the right or on the left hand side by simply changing its position.

  • There are two electrical limit switches and two mechanical stops are available to ensure the safe usage of the system.

Truly innovative shapes and uncompromising safety

  • Simple to install, the system ensures a very easy access to the control unit

  • The system can also be controlled by wireless remote controller

  • Gear motors and all other spares are well placed inside the system

  • The control unit is equipped with all necessary features to connect with card reader, loop detector, photocells

  • CE marking

The system has no welding joints to ensure long life and maintain their physical features unaltered. The monobloc aluminium die-cast reduction unit ensures easy installation, longer life and easy cleaning.

The low stress reduction unit ensures a very high number of operations. The test carried out on the unit has achieved with easy a staggeringly high number of operations, over 10,00,000.

Access system built with safety in mind

The Almatrix ET barriers, when matched to the LAN control systems, solve all access problems and are very easy to use. To allow employees and key customers to operate the barrier, a wide range of solutions are available: a remote control, push button, key switch, rfid reader module.

Moreover, the “magnetic loop” system is inherently very practical and simple to use.

The detector, when installed on the pavement, allows the exit barrier to be automatically operated when a vehicle goes over it, thus ensuring a regular flow of vehicles and avoiding unwelcome queues.