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Almatrix MBS

The unmatched performance Ingenious features which makes Exito Almatrix MBS truly innovative

The operators are designed with sleek & stunning appearance and that blends easily with architectural design principles. The Splendid operators and matching sensor technology adds to the design freedom.

  • Slim line Modern Design

  • Italian Made

  • Designed for new standards

  • Concealed glass top rail

  • High Security electric Locking

  • No Exposed Wiring

  • Energy Efficient

Tracking system is dual linear, which is designed for high security and long life service. The carriage assemblies are fitted with unique track wheels that eliminate the possibility of the doors disengagement from the track.

The equipment will incorporate electronic computerized DC Motor with built- in optical sensor for precise movement, high torque for a maintenance free life.

Almatrix MBS utilizes the latest in digital microprocessor technology. The multifunctional microprocessor control unit shall feature the following:

  • Self-calibrating and programmable modes.

  • Fully compensates door weight and friction therefore delivering the optimum force for efficient operation.

  • Independent circuits for pressing closed at the end of the closing stroke.

  • Provision for full interfacing with all types of building security/alarm systems.

  • Open speed control.

  • Closing speed control.

  • Brake control: preventing the doors from slamming shut.

  • End Position-damping control for accurate slow down of door movement.

The Almatrix MBS microprocessor will automatically reverse its operation while closing when a obstruction is found in the closing path. Photo electric safety light cells mounted to focus across the doorway with halt operation immediately upon beam interruption.

An optional electric lock feature is available to give total security to the premise.

The following functions are to be selectable through a wall mounted key switch or remote controller

  • A – Doors remain closed and locked

  • B – One way open

  • C – Half open

  • D – Stay in open condition