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EXITO High Speed Roll-up PVC Door are made from durable polyester PVC sheet with visible panels to provide a view of areas on the opposite side of the doors. These doors are widely used in Electronics manufacturing industry, precision instruments, medicine, food, printing & packaging, automobile manufacturing, air shower, clean workshop, warehouse logistics, welding, paint processing etc.,

  • EXITO Doors are designed for safe and continuous operation.

  • EXITO Doors ensures smooth flow of materials and people due to high opening and closing speed.

  • EXITO High Speed Roll-up door can save at least 60% of energy due to good seal and patented side guides.

  • EXITO Door has the flexible curtain without rigid elements and hence avoid injuries & damages to personnel and equipment.

  • EXITO Doors are reduced the cost of ownership as the wear and maintenance are limited to minimum.

  • EXITO Doors are used under high traffic flow conditions of vehicles to improve work efficiency by more than 40%.

  • Size upto 6000 mm (W) X 6000 mm (H).