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EXITO’s retractable gates are designed for broad openings. They are generally installed at parking lots, hotels, main entrances of Industries, Stadiums, malls and cinema halls etc. to restrict the vehicular movement for security check.

  • EXITO Retractable gates are available in three kinds of material, viz. Mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Type of silding track: Track-less, Single track, Double track

  • The unique infrared anti- collision system ensures safety of passengers and vehicles by retracting backwards automatically at a distance of 20-25cm away from any kind of obstruction.

  • User-friendly design and aesthetic appearance of solid, hollow and waterproof structure makes it suitable for various environments.

  • These gates gets compressed and occupies minimal space in open position and do not require vast amount of space for operation in comparison with the conventional gates.

  • The retractable gates are available from 2mtr to 25mtr in length and upto 2mtr in height.

  • Incredibly affordable, easy to install, minimal maintenance and long life.