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The industrial automatic uplifting door is manufactured for those customers who want to save space. When opening it, it will slide through 90 to 180 or vertical & horizontal

direction in order to not occupy any space and make place completely open. The tracks can be installed on the horizontal or vertical level.

High quality galvanized steel or aluminium skins roll formed into an exclusive tongue-and-groove joint with a true thermal break and a double-shaped weather seal.

The bottom weather seal are U-shaped, flexible PVC weather seal, retained in a heavy duty extruded aluminum retainer, securely fastened to the bottom of the door.

EXITO industrial sectional doors are equipped with thick galvanized steel end caps.

EXITO industrial sectional doors are also comes along with several types of glazing options to have better view through the door.

EXITO supply industrial sectional doors with inbuilt door-in door with the design of trip-free threshold, hence, it can maximize the risk of injury from tripping over.

EXITO door panels are designed and produced with high safety standards. It will avoid finger injury on both front & back side.

In order to achieve the most desirable effects on the limited installation space, the torsion spring can be installed in the rear.