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Compact Sliding Glass Door


Exito offers advanced wifi-control automatic door with high efficiency and small bulky drive torque DC brushless motor, program design using the latest technology , runs flowing , gentle opening and closing , making operation more quickly quiet , smooth braking , energy saving and environmental protection.

Pinch excellent performance, just gently touched the door will automatically bounce obstacle, and quickly open the folder to avoid damage to human events and the unit occurs, run more safely.

In the case of automatic doors do not install any sensor, the dial can be achieved by way of the hand the door open, close and normally open function, cost savings, the installation more convenient, especially for indoor applications. This feature has applied for patents. (Remark: 1. The light dial open; 2. THR normally open; 3.Normally open state, the light automatically shut down after.)

The transmission mode and compact modular structure design of synchronous belt type of flat, without having to install crossbeam, the more convenient installation, space saving, compact appearance.

Using the new drive, high-quality DC brushless motor, gear box helical gears, wheels and high wear characteristics reasonable structural design makes reliable quiet operation and longer life.

Standard configuration can be connected to a variety of additional accessories, suitable for all occasions, environmental needs.