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EXITO High speed spiral door is a new kind of industrial door which perform quick operation, energy saving, heat insulation and so on.

  • EXITO High Speed Spiral Doors has the characteristics of high reliability, usability, easy operation and rapid repair.

  • EXITO High Speed Spiral Doors are made up of aluminium alloy with total thickness of 40 mm and filled with polyurethane foam.

  • The drive control adopts a stable, energy-saving and efficient rigid and fast door special system to ensure the reliable operation of the door body and ensure the fault free operation more than 200 thousand times per year

  • EXITO High Speed Spiral Doors is the most economical solution for a highly frequented building closure. The temperature remains constant inside, and no undesired heat or cold comes in from outside. As the door opens and closes, its high speed operation ensures that energy loss is kept to the absolute minimum.

  • EXITO High Speed Spiral Doors run quietly and almost wear-free. No other mechanical principles even comes close to being able to overcome all challenges as perfectly.

  • The counter balance system of mechanism ensures the safe operation of the door and the doors in compliance with safety requirement of European standard EN 13241-1.