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Great care is required at the design stage of automation used on swing gates, as the gates are exposed to bad weather and are often very frequently used.

In order to offer the best possible solution, when designing the automation system, it is crucial to know exactly how the gate will be used.

Exito offers a full range of products designed to allow easy installation on gates of any size and to cater for any type of duty.

Almatrix EXT

Safe and functional, for swing gates with doors up to 3 metres For medium duty

Gates for residential use often need to be powered with automation systems which not only guarantee long-term reliability, but also fully integrate with the aesthetics of the gate.

Almatrix EXT, with its refined and essential design, perfectly satisfies this requirement.

The structure, which is very thin, enables exceptional integration and easy assembly, thanks both to the special attachment system, which can also be fastened without welding and the multi hole rear bracket, which makes it possible to find the ideal operating position by changing the combination of fastening holes.

In the event of a power failure, the automation can be manually operated by using the allen key operated release or automatically operated if a control panel with battery has been installed.

  • High safety level ensured by the 24 V DC power supply

  • Smart yet simply design

  • Anodised aluminium shaft cover

  • Adaptable to every type of gate, both traditional & contemporary style

  • Can be used to operate gates with small pillars

  • Easily accessible key-operated release system

  • Back-up battery pack to be used in the event of a power failure