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Various industrial & corporate premises have gained an extra aesthetic value & security at the same time with the use of Exitos wide range of opening gates called RETRACTABLE GATES. These gates are best suited for the openings facing space constraints or do not have parking space. Along with that if there is a need to divide an area or a partition is required to be done for the internal premises of a campus these gates are surely the optimum available solution.

Retractable Gates are constructed in such a way that their kinematic links are joined together to have to-and-fro contracting & expanding motion with respect to each other. They can be made available in single or two bottom rails for its expanding and retracting motion. Symbolizing high standard appearance RETRACTABLE GATES are made of high strength metals which provide flexibility, durability & protection as well.

Electric Gate Features:

  • Motor Overheating Protection: The motor will automatically power off and enter protection status when the temperature reaches some degree, and it will work normally again after the temperature turn low.
  • Speed Clutch: When the power cut off, only use the key rotating 180 degree then the clutch will keep apart, and now the gate can be manually open and close.
  • Infrared Anti-Collision Device: If there is pedestrian or vehicle during closing process, the gate will automatically stop 30 or 40cm away to avoid collision.
  • Remote Control: Easy operation of opening and closing gate and distance is less than 50m.
  • Drive and Driven Wheel: With die-casting Al-alloy material for drive and driven wheel and imported rubber to make the system of wear resistance, noise free and long service life.
  • Machine Head: The professional motor of electric gate and thickening base board increase its weight and traction. The four wheel drive and chain driven make the system buffering and smooth start and stop. The head is also double sealed in whole to prevent dust and humidity to prolong its life.
  • Gate material is with high polishing stainless steel to assure of strong quality in hardness and anti-collision, also to maintain its charm color without fading away.
  • Gate vice part material is high polishing stainless steel and the hole is punching pressed by professional ironware mould with PA wear sets, everyone of which also includes stainless steel pad to avoid friction or noise. Door-Axis core material is φ16*1.0mm pure stainless steel with black plastic tube outside to make it beautiful but practical.
  • Anti-Climb Alarm: If there is anyone climbing over the gate, it will alarm automatically (Optional function).
  • All plastic spare parts are imported to ensure its long term durability.
  • There are fixed characters or rolling display on LED screen with any 500 digits can be input to show (Optional).

What Our Clients Say About Us

"I’ve been meaning to write to let you know how happy we are with the “Exito Automation” We bought Almatrix 1400 kgs from you in February 2010. What an awesome product! Thanks for your great service, I point anyone talking about gates toward you."

- MR.Sudhakar
Purchase Head, Kocon India Pvt Ltd

"Just wanted to say thank you for great service and product. Too bad more companies didn't do business like is no wonder you are successful! Again thank you!"

- MR.Lakshmanan
Cheif Maintenance Engineer, Ascendas

"We brought Automatic sliding glass door from “Exito Automation” on Jun 2015, the operator is working in a good condition for all these months; Special thanks for the prompt respond delivered by their service team."

- MR.Alexander
Maintenance Head, Borg Warner

"Exito Automation prices are dead cheap, they really work on margin basis and their product quality is also superior in the market. I strongly recommend “Exito” to your project."

- MR.Rohan
CEO, Everton Italy

"We had seen ample of companies for automatic sliding glass door in the market, Exito Automation are the outstanding company based on our experience with other companies. The do not have technicians like others instead they have experienced engineers by their side. We feel their success is because of their engineers."

- MR.Venkat
Chief Engineer, Taj Madras Flight

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